How to Count and Track Macros for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Learn how counting macros can help you create a customized nutrition plan, improve your training efforts, and reach your ultimate physique goals.

Counting Macros with Chef P

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Counting macros and customized dieting is the #1 proven method to break through weight loss or muscle gain barriers, putting you in control of your body and its final outcome.

Professional high performance athletes, bodybuilding competitors, and elite coaches trust and rely on this method worldwide to obtain their physique goals day-in and day-out.

Counting Macros With Chef P

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Counting Macros with Chef P empowers individuals to stop second-guessing their efforts and to adopt a new habit, one that will put them in control of their results no matter the goal.

Creating a lifestyle takes guts and motivation; changing a lifestyle takes understanding, discipline, and commitment.

Let this book serve as your nutritional playbook to creating good nutritional eating habits with the method of counting macros. With this knowledge, you will have the confidence, resources, structure, and guidance to begin utilizing a new evidence based nutrition method that will give you access to untapped training and nutrition potential.

Counting Macros With Chef P

Your Nutritional Playbook...

The plan is made. Will you apply and execute?

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"With my expertise and understanding of a lot of deep nutrition, getting this macro book just simplified everything for me... having all of the information in an organized fashion was incredible."

Keyen Lage, Former NFL Athlete

"What I really love about this book is how precise it is: the steps, the game plan he sets for you, and how you can fine tune this to fit your body type... it takes all the guesswork out for you. The only way you could fail here is if you don't follow through."

Thomas Tapp, Calisthenics & Primal Movement Expert

"I didn't even know I needed all of this information and I've been training for 8 years. It taught me not just about [nutrition], but also how to apply it. This information will change the way that you train."

Elizabeth Beall, Bodybuilder & NPC Bikini Competitor

"This is something really unparalleled to the market right now. This is one of the most rarest forms of resources that I've come across that not only helps you understand the surface level of things, but actually goes the extra mile to show you why that works. It's not something that will help you change the next 30 days. If you do this right and follow each step, this book is probably going to change your entire lifestyle."

Hans Samayoa, Low Carb or Ketogenic Health Educator

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Counting Macros with Chef P has helped countless individuals...

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