If you've spent the past couple years jumping from one fitness program to another to be left with minimal results...

That is not ok,

Obtaining your ideal physique should not be a guessing game.

Wouldn't You agree?

You deserve to see the results of your hard work.​


There is something incorrect and or missing in your execution.

Your training and nutrition execution are not as simple as tallying up macronutrients and following random workouts found on instagram. To accomplish your individual physique goal takes a customized methodical approach.

We Eliminate the guesswork

With evidence based proven methods we will coach and educate you to your desired physique, leaving nothing but application and execution. We will empower you with control over the outcome of the execution of your resistance training output and macro-based nutrition input.

Aren't you sick of wasting time,

and ready to learn exactly how to acquire the physique you desire?

If the answer is yes...

Schedule a call with us today and Discover If You’re A Good Fit for our coaching.

*Please do not schedule your call if you do not meet the following minimum requirements*

Body Composition Tracking: You must be willing to track your weight and body fat percentage weekly within our customized Body Composition tracking system.

Work Ethic: You must be willing to WORK. Your assigned accountability coach is going to work hard for you and we expect the same in return. We are going to educate you with a ton of training and nutrition resources to development and help you reach your desired physique goal. We expect you to put in the effort needed on your end. 

Calorie & Macro Tracking: You must know how to and be willing to track your calories and count your macros. Our coaching method is designed to modify as you progress, a coaching method that mitigates plateaus. Do not schedule your call if you do not know how to count macros and expecting a day to day meal guide/ plan. Precision Academy does not create meal plans telling you exactly what to eat each meal.

Training Intensity: This is a hypertrophy based weight resistance training program. You must have at minimum 1 year of experience in weight resistance training. Our training sessions are unapologetically intense, each workout designed to push you to the next level in your training. We expect you join with the mindset to be challenged and grow in your training execution and performance. 

Gym Access: You must have access to a gym or well equipped in-home gym. This is not a body-weight, dumbbell, or kettlebell training program. Our resistance training sessions are hypertrophy based, utilizing a number of different training equipments that will maximize your muscle growth and development. Do not schedule a call if you do not have access to a gym or well equipped in-home gym.

Timeline: You must be ready to commit to a disciplined plan. This is not a quick 30 day program. Do not schedule your call if you’re looking for a short 30 – 60 day pdf training program. This is a coaching program that requires your discipline, commitment, and attention for over 60 days. 

Willingness to Learn: We are going to teach you a lot, you must be open-minded and willing to learn and implement what we teach you. With access to a library of training and nutrition resources, we empower you on how to execute properly in the gym and kitchen.

If you meet these requirements...



A customized coaching program where individuals unlearn "fitness" habits and become versed in hypertrophy based resistance training and macro-based nutrition habits that create long-term sustainable results.

What Our members are saying...

Haven't you had enough, not seeing the results your hard work deserves?



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